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Do you want a unique and elegant wall clock that will make a beautiful accent in your home or office? Look no further than this gorgeous geode resin wall clock! This one-of-a-kind clock piece is made of high-gloss resin on a 40cm diameter mdf board with unique combination of neutral colors, beige, pearl and ivory with a glass-like finish to give a luxurious look. 

The resin used is of high-quality epoxy and has UV stabilizers to prevent fading and yellowing. However, please keep in mind that everything is affected by sunlight, therefore it is encouraged to not hang this piece in direct sunlight.
This clock is the perfect addition to any home or office, and it will definitely enrich your décor. It's also a great conversation starter, so be prepared to get compliments from your guests!


  • Size = 40cm diameter on MDF board
  • Materials = Epoxy resin 1:1 coated with premium epoxy resin 1:1, pigment pastes, mica powders, gold pyrite stones, white quartz crystals, abalone shell chips, coated stone, glitters, dome steel rivet, gold leaf.


Thank you so much for purchasing from my small business. I appreciate your support!


Resin Wall Clock - Geode Art 40cm #186

SKU: #186
This is a pre-order. May take 4-8 weeks upon final payment even though most items ship sooner.
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