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What time is it?


It's time to get this resin beach clock!


This bold, vibrant, handmade clock is perfect for anyone who loves the beach. The ocean-themed design is accented with crystal glass sands, and the clock is made with high-grade premium epoxy resin to give it extra shine and durability. The clock mechanism is by the brand Crocodile, which is known for its quality and durability and the unique metal hand clock in rose gold color is truly an extra something. The back hook makes it easy to hang.


How it works:
1. Hang the clock on a wall using the hook.
2. The clock mechanism is powered by batteries (not included).
3. The hands of the clock will move to tell time.

Resin Wall Clock - Beach / Ocean Art 30cm #0286

SKU: #0286
This is a pre-order. May take 4-8 weeks upon final payment even though most items ship sooner.
  • 30cm

  • Crocodile

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